Welfare and Support

Welfare & Support

While we are property managers and student accommodation providers & may not therefore be personally able to offer you all of the support or advice that you may want or need, we'll always do our best to put you in touch with an individual or service who can help in instances when we cannot. We're just as interested in looking after you as the property you live in - our work would be incredibly pointless if we weren't tenant focused.

Tenancy Related Support

If you're having a problem in your property let us know! The most common conversation we have with tenants parents relates to an issue in a property that we haven't been informed of, but that they have. If you don't tell us what's going on, we have no chance to help out and put things right for you. It's our job to be on hand to help so don't be afraid to pick up the phone or to send us an email... Remember 'a problem shared is a problem halved'.

Student Homes can help you with:

  • Problems with your property, fixtures or fittings, furniture etc. - if the gutter drips, if the toilet doesn't flush properly, if the kitchen sink doesn't drain, if your desk chair is broken - let us know.
  • With assistance you may need - if you don't know how to work the central heating system, or you're not sure about where your meters are to take the monthly readings let us know and we'll help out or arrange to visit the property to meet with you and walk you through the appliances or systems if you'd like.
  • With tenant disputes: if you're having problems with a housemate and need some advice, or would like us to intervene do contact us. We can approach issues directly or discretely depending on what you'd prefer. We find most tenant disputes can be easily resolved - although a problem with a housemate can feel huge when you're living in close proximity and are not getting on, often just sitting down and talking about what's going on and why is a very effective way for everyone to air their thoughts and for you to get back on track in terms of your tenancy.
  • With financial problems: if you're struggling with your rent do contact us before things get out of hand and you've got a large balance owing. Universities often offer financial support to their students if they need it. We can put you in touch with the right people at your University or College who can help you with this. We can also discuss the possibility of a payment plan with you, should this offer you some relief while you get back on track.


Looking to Move or End your Tenancy Early?

Although you've signed a 51 or 52 week agreement with us we don't want you to feel 'trapped' in your tenancy with us if you're unhappy or if you want to explore the possibility of moving out early. While we can't just finish your tenancy and let you leave early we can help out in a number of ways. We offer our tenants the chance to:

  • Room Swap: if you're unhappy in your property because you're not getting on with your housemates, or because you're finding the environment a distraction from your studies we'll offer you the chance to view other properties and rooms that we manage for your college if we have any available. If you'd like to know what rooms you might consider swapping into get in touch with your property manager so they can help. 
  • Reassign a Tenancy. If you want to leave your tenancy early because you've finished your final assignments and want to travel or move home we'll help you to try and find a suitable student to take over the rest of your tenancy. If you manage to find such a student you can be released from your obligations to us and from your responsibility for your room. We can do this up to 5 weeks before your tenancy is due to end and will send you details that are specific to your room if you contact us. See our information sheet below:

       Show Me the Assignment Information 

In our experience the tenants who find a suitable student to take over their tenancy through a reassignment are the tenants who are being most proactive in terms of marketing their room. We recommend that you consider marketing your room in the following ways:

  • If you want to look to reassign your room let us know and we'll place an advert on our website for you. If we receive any enquiries about your room we'll let you have the contact details of the student who is interested in your room so you can arrange for them to have a look around your room and the property.
  • Consider posting adverts on Facebook & Twitter - most Colleges have their own official social media accommodation pages, posts on these pages tend to get a good response.
  • Place an advert on the ULHS Student Flatsharing Message Board: Flatsharing Message Board
  • Ask at your students union to see if there's anywhere in your University where you can pin up a paper notice or advert for you room.
  • Speak to friends and coursemates - are they looking for accommodation? Do they have a friend or coursemate who they know is?
  • Finally - Be Patient: there tend to be students looking for accommodation throughout the year - whether your room is of interest to them simply depends on what they are looking for and what their criteria is. Letting a room can take time so don't get disheartened if you don't receive masses of enquiries, or any enquiries, immediately. Keep marketing your room, keep speaking to people and with any luck sooner rather than later you'll receive some promising responses through.
  • Sublet: If you're going away for a period during your tenancy, but want to return to your room once you're back in London a sublet may be a way for you to keep your room, but to save some rent. You'll need permission in writing from Student Homes to sublet your room - please read the information sheet below and let us know if you'd like to sublet your room so we can consider your circumstances and provide you with written permission if appropriate.

    Show Me the Sublet Information


Your Students Union

Your College's Student Union is a great source of support and assistance should you want or need any during your time at University. The Student's Union is all about the welfare of students whether this be financial support, support with your workload, part time work experience, volunteering opportunities, and so on. Have a look at your Student's Union website through the relevant link below.

Goldsmith's Student's Union
King's College London Student's Union
LSHTM Student Support
SOAS Student's Union
RAM Student's Union
London Contemporary Dance School (Student Services)
City University Student's Union