Top Tips for Parents

Student Homes Top Tips for Parents

  • Stay in touch and let your son or daughter know what's happening in your life and any news that you may have – keep them involved with the family goings on.
  • Don’t worry if you hear bad news, let them try and resolve this themselves and don’t be tempted to become involved immediately. Giving your son or daughter space to tackle their own problems can be a really productive thing to do - let them try approaching any financial, accommodation, University, or personal problems independently in the first instance.
  • Stay calm and rest assured that the University offers many services for support and advice to students, in addition to the support that Student Homes provides.
  • Listen: Let your son or daughter sound out ideas with you, discuss problems with you, lament about 'nothings' to you. Encourage them to find out about and use the services and channels that are in place to provide students with support for a variety of issues they may encounter.
  • Trust your son or daughter to  make their own decisions/and learn from their mistakes. Remember that you did this once - yes it can be stressful growing up at times, but it can also be a lot of fun too. Some of the things we laugh at in hindsight are things we were a tad embarrassed about at the time.
  • Make the most of your new chapter too!