No Heating or Hot Water

No Heating or Hot Water

If you realise that your boiler has stopped working, or that you have hot water, but the heating isn't coming on - in the first instance you should refer to the appliance guides we've included for you on our website.

Step One: Often, problems that arise can be easily resolved by resetting the boiler (turning it off and then on again), or by changing the boiler settings. Referring to the guide and following the trouble shooting steps it outlines, is therefore usually the quickest way to get your boiler back up and running - make sure you do this.

Take Me to the Appliance Guides

Step Two: If once you've read over your appliance guide you have identified a fault you can't resolve yourself, or you're none the wiser as to what the problem is, now is the time to report the issue if it cannot wait until the Student Homes team return to the office:

Out of Hours Cover:

  • Bernard House Tenants - Cover Details
  • All Other Tenants - Tel: 020 7307 4000
    If you cannot reach the Out of Hours team using this number, please call: 07973 665 625

Step Three: Contact the Student Homes team - even if you've managed to solve the problem you encountered please let us know about what has happened. If you're having to reset your boiler every 3 days for instance, while this may solve your immediate problem (of no hot water or heating), if we don't know what's going on we can't get this issue properly addressed for you. You can update us by...

Calling (& leaving a message): 020 7664 4836