Major Leaks

If water starts pouring through the ceiling or a tap is fully turned on and won't turn off - follow the steps below:

1). Turn off the water supply: If a pipe appears to have burst in your property, or there is a flood (for instance, water leaking through a ceiling) you should turn off the water supply at the stop tap.

Your inside stop valve is inside your house and is normally located just after the water pipe enters the house. This is often under the kitchen sink, but can also be:

  • In an airing cupboard
  • Under the stairs
  • Under the floorboards near the front door
  • In the garage, utility room, bathroom or cellar

Ask a neighbour if you are unsure where the stop tap is, it's likely that the layout of your property and theirs is very similar.

If a leak seems to be coming from something in particular - the bathroom when you have a shower, for instance, please avoid using the shower until the necessary work can be carried out to stop the leak. You could try running a bath instead, or use another shower in your property - or at the gym or a friends house instead. If you need further assistance contact make use of the emergency out of hours support via your property notice. If you don't have this to hand, contact the University of London Security Helpdesk via 020 7862 8192 / 020 7862 8133 and an operative will provide you with the emergency contact details.

2). Leak from neighbouring property (e.g. flat): If water is leaking into your property from a flat above, you need to get round to your neighbours to make them aware. They may be having work done to their property, they may have spilt a large amount of liquid, there may be a problem with one of their appliances - or a leak from their plumbing. In such instances asking us arranging for a plumber to visit your property will not help, you need to get in touch with your neighbours or speak to the block owner so they can send a contractor to the property where the leak is originating from.

Please check the out of hours notice in your property for details of the block manager. If you can't find these details please call the University of London Security Helpdesk where an operative can provide these details for you 020 7862 8192 / 020 7862 8133

3). Protect the furnishings: Place a bucket or large bowl, and a towel, below the leak to protect the flooring or furnishings beneath it. Move any furniture that is below the leak if you are able to to prevent them from getting wet.

Note: If the leak is a slow leak (e.g. dripping) or fully controlled by using a towel/bucket and changing intermittently, this is not deemed an emergency and you should not use the out of hours cover. Please report this to Student Homes Team via 020 7664 4836 / student.homes@london.ac.uk when the office next re-opens.

Out of Hours Cover:

Contact Us: Make sure you report the leak to the Student Housing team on: student.homes@london.ac.uk or by calling 020 7664 4836 so we can visit and assess if further works may need carrying out and what these may entail.