Gas Leaks

A Suspected Gas Leak

(When you Suspect a Gas or Carbon Monoxide Leak)

Take the following steps immediately if you suspect a gas or carbon monoxide leak:

  1. Open doors and windows
  2. Turn the gas supply off at the meter/stop tap
  3. Don’t use any naked flames & avoid using any electrical switches i.e. light switches

The National Gas Emergency Service (National Grid) can be contacted on 0800 111 999 to turn off the gas supply if you need help with this.

Please note: While National Grid can help by turning off the Gas Supply they won’t be able to repair the source of the problem - for instance the boiler. If National Grid do visit your property let your property manager know so the source of the leak can be addressed and issue resolved as necessary for you. 

For help with a suspected Gas Leak during office hours give us a call on: 020 7664 4836 so we can assist you.

If a gas leak occurs outside of our office hours, please follow the steps above and if necessary contact the Out of Hours security team and ask that they inform a Student Homes Manager so we are made aware:

Tel: 020 7862 8192 / 020 7862 8133 

Alternatively, send us an email so we can check in with you the next day:

If you've been feeling unwell, while at home, check the signs and symptoms related to a carbon monoxide leak, book an appointment with your Doctor, and get in touch with us if you have any concerns about this. Carbon monoxide detectors are installed in all of our properties where required, make sure you know where your detector is and test it so you know what it sounds like should it go off. 

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