A Fire in Your Property

If You Find a Fire – Raise the Alarm

Operate the fire alarm (if there are break glass points in your property - break one of these to set the alarms off to alert your co-tenants)

  • Only attempt to put out a fire if it is safe for you to do so. Make sure you can escape if you need to & never let a fire block your exit. There is a fire blanket in your kitchen, and in some properties fire extinguishers are provided. It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the instructions on the fire blanket and extinguisher/s.
  • If you cannot put out the fire leave the building immediately. If in doubt - leave, we don't want you to be in a position of risk.
  • Upon hearing the alarm evacuate the property (if it’s safe for you to do so, check bedrooms/rooms that you pass on the way out to ensure everyone has left the property).
  • Dial 999 from a safe distance to report the fire to the fire brigade.
  • Contact the Student Homes on: 020 7664 4836 during office hours, or if a fire occurs out of hours - and the property is not in a habitable condition - contact the University of London Security Helpdesk via 020 7862 8192 / 020 7862 8133 who will notify a property manager. If you can you should make temporary arrangements to stay with friends, or elsewhere.

If your fire alarm is sounding, but there is no fire...

Resetting your Fire Alarm: So you can think (alarms are very loud!) firstly press 'Silence' on your fire alarm panel - this will stop the alarms from sounding temporarily. If you know why the alarms may have gone off i.e. someone has just burnt their dinner, open the windows in the kitchen and turn on the extractor hood/fan to ventilate the room. Next press 'Reset' on the fire alarm panel and the panel should successfully reset and return to a 'Healthy Status' - green lights and silent.

If there are any amber or red lights, or if the panel won't reset it's likely there is a fault. Please contact the Student Homes team to report the fault and to let us have the details i.e. the third light on the panel, labelled '2nd floor' is amber, but the rest are green. This will help us to quickly have the issue sorted our for you. If you have a false alarm that you can't reset and our office is closed, there should be a number on the fire alarm panel that you can contact an engineer through - please call the engineer, report the problem, and follow the advice they give you. Again, be sure to send us an email letting us know what has happened so we can arrange any further work once our office reopens.

No phone number on the panel?

Bernard House tenants - cover details
All other tenants, please call the Out of Hours security team for support:

Tel: 020 7862 8192 / 020 7862 8133