Dealing with a Burglary or Attempted Break In

If you are unfortunate enough to experience a burglary, or someone attempts to break into your property, make sure you contact the Police straight away by calling 999. You will be given a crime reference number and should receive a report which you need to give to the Student Homes Team: Tel: 020 7664 4836.

Our priority following a burglary or damage to the property that renders it insecure, is to take measures to ensure that the property is safe and secure until more permanent repairs can be arranged i.e. we may board up a broken window so it's secure while we arrange for a glazer to visit.

If the burglary or attempted break in happens outside of office hours, and you need help to secure the property i.e. board up a broken window, you should use the out of hours service to seek assistance.

Out of Hours Cover:

  • Bernard House Tenants - Cover Details
  • All Other Tenants - Tel: 020 7862 8192 / 020 7862 8133 

If You Are a Victim Of Crime

While we aren't counsellors and may not be able to personally help you - if you are a victim of crime, please do feel free to get in touch with us so we can assist you by referring you to individuals and organisations who will be able to help. We are interested in looking after you, as well as your property.