The Student Homes Scheme

Why Choose Student Homes?

Our Student Homes scheme is set up not only to benefit students, but also to benefit property owners. Student Homes is a leasing scheme whereby the University of London becomes the tenant of property owner's in a head lease agreement. Student Homes then sublet the properties to our full time students. In a nutshell, for the student their landlord is us and for you we are your tenant.


We offer a rent guarantee for the full term of the contract. If the student sub-tenant defaults on their rent, we will still pay you in full. If the student sub-tenant causes damage to the property we will ensure it is addressed for you. You get guaranteed rent for 52 weeks and will have the property returned to you in the same condition as we receive it at the start of the tenancy, less fair wear-and-tear.

Student Homes conduct termly inspections of all properties. After each inspection you'll receive a report from the property manager who is responsible for looking after your property. We'll let you know who will be taking the lead in terms of the management of your property prior to the first tenancy beginning.

Property owners need not worry about lengthy deposit disputes, as we manage the tenancies and collect security deposits from all student tenants. Universities are exempt from the requirement to protect tenancy deposits, which means that we are able to resolve any deposit disputes quickly and fairly.

Essentially, you benefit from:

  • Guaranteed Rent for 52 weeks or for 3 years.
  • Proactive property management - regular updates, advice & assistance.
  • Peace of mind: we'll let your property, we'll look after it, we'll have it professionally cleaned at the end of each tenancy.
  • Updates & Additional Services: if there's a change in the law that affects your property we'll let you know. If you could save money by taking out a service through us, we'll let you have the details so you can opt in should this benefit you.


Sound Interesting?

If you may be interested in offering your property to Student Homes please complete the form that you can access using the button below and a member of the team will be in touch to collect some further details and to arrange to meet you at your property to have a look around.

Landlord Enquiry Form


View the Student Homes Landlord Guide

A PDF version of our Landlord Guide can be viewed by clicking here.

Our Accreditation

All of our Student Homes accommodation subscribes and conforms to the Student Accommodation Code. Further details about the Student Accommodation Code are available here. Should you need to make any changes in your property so it meets the standards of the code we'll let you know.