Short Term Lets

Welcome to the short term lets section of the Student Homes website. Here you can find out about the Student Homes properties that are being offered to students for stays of 2 months or more. These rooms are available now, or over the coming months, through until our current 2017/18 tenancies end in September 2018,

Details of which students can apply for which rooms are listed beneath each advert: some of our properties are dedicated to students from one college only, whereas others are available for all University of London students. 

  • Rooms are available on an individual basis.
  • You can secure a room from overseas.
  • Your College will act as your guarantor *except in our Student Homes for all UOL students where personal guarantors are required.
  • The University of London will act as your landlord.
  • Contents insurance is included as standard.

The rooms are ordered by the date they are available - those available now are at the top, if you scroll down you'll find rooms that are available over the coming months.

Please note: our rooms are available to students of specific colleges - this depends on what college the property is offered on behalf of. There is a description beneath each photograph that states what students can apply for each room.

We hope you find something to your liking.

Update: If the listed rooms aren't what you're after, you may find the options below useful in looking for short term accommodation elsewhere.

1). Stay Central - a University of London service, stays from 2 nights. 

2). Short Term Options - a section on the Housing Services website outlining a range of short term accommodation options.


The Application Process:

If you've found or viewed a property that you'd like to live in let us know!

The application process is very simple and all done online - meaning you don't need to make a trip into our office. There are 3 stages:

  1. Information Collection: Tell us where you'd like to live and we'll email you a form to complete.
  2. Payments: We'll send you details of how to make your deposit payment (equivalent to a months rent).
  3. Paperwork: The final stage - signing your tenancy agreement. Once you've made your payments we'll email you your agreement to virtually sign online: you should sign this within 48 hours of receiving it.

Please note: If you wish to cancel your application after you have completed the second stage we can cancel your application and we will refund your deposit in full to you. If you have completed all 3 stages of the application process and therefore have a tenancy with us, we will refund your deposit, less a £50.00 administration fee, to you only once a replacement tenant has been found.