Reporting a Repair, Repair Schedule & Trouble Shooting Guides

While we make every effort to ensure that the properties we manage are in good condition and well maintained, a reality of any rental property is that unfortunately from time to time things may go wrong. So that we can put things right - please do let us know about any problems or issues you encounter. You should always report any repair issues to the Student Homes Team so we can arrange for the necessary remedial work to be carried out and ensure that this happens within an acceptable time frame.

Who is responsible?

Before you let us know about an issue in the property please check the information below to make sure it isn’t something that you are responsible for and can easily solve yourself.

As a tenant you are responsible for:

  • Replacing any light bulbs (ladders are provided in properties where light fittings are too high to otherwise reach by using a chair)
  • Unblocking sinks and drains by using a plunger and/or de-blocking product that you can buy cheaply at the supermarket/hardware store.
  • Resetting ‘trip switches’ if an appliance causes the electrics to trip. (See the Troubleshooting information below for help with this)
  • For the cost of any remedial work that may be required as a result of damage (accidental or purposeful) to the property you live in or furnishings, and for the costs of any contractors visits where it's found that there isn't a fault, or that you could easily have remedied the problem yourself i.e. reset the fuseboard if the electrics trip etc.
  • Paying for replacement keys or fobs. If you lose your key you should visit the Housing Services Reception to borrow a key, or to buy a replacement key. You can also buy a replacement fob. You can borrow a key free of charge for 7 days if you think you have misplaced your key to allow you time to look for your original key.

The University are responsible for organising all other repairs - see further down for details as to how you can report repairs to us.


Trouble-Shooting Guides:

The Trouble-Shooting Guides below contain information as to how you can take simple steps to deal with some of the most common issues that arise in properties and with appliances, and determine the nature of the problem, to help us organise the necessary repair, should the guides below fail to resolve the issue:


Reporting Repairs:

So we're able to deal with your repair quickly and as necessary please provide us with as much detail as possible. 'The washing machine is broken' doesn't enable us to help as we don't know the nature of the problem. 'The washing machine isn't draining and the door won't open even though the cycle has finished' - is more helpful and enables us to respond and organise the repair, without having to contact you first to get further information.

You can report repairs to us…

Online: Use the online Repair Report Form

I Need to Report A Repair

By Phone or Email: Call 020 7664 4836 during office hours (Monday – Friday 9.30am – 5.30pm) or email

In Person: By visiting the Housing Services Office, on the 4th floor at Student Central on Malet Street (WC1E 7HY), and completing a Repair Report Form or by asking to speak to a member of the Student Homes Team.

Out of Hours Help: If something goes wrong when we're not at the office to help please see the information under 'Emergency Repairs (Out of Hours Assistance)' or by clicking below

I Need Out of Hours Assistance

Repairs Information

Repairs Schedule:

We have implemented a priority system for repairs, which is intended as a guide so that all parties involved (the property owners, you – the tenants – us, and the contractors who are instructed), have the same understanding of how repairs should be approached. Inevitably, some repairs are more complex than others so while the initial visit by a contractor will be arranged as soon as practicable, if return visits are required following new parts having been sourced, or for another engineer to carry out work, this is acceptable. We will keep you informed as to who you can expect to visit and when.

1.   Priority One – (Urgent Repairs):

A repair that requires urgent attention, in order to avoid danger to health, risk to the safety of tenants, or which has the potential to cause significant damage to the property, or tenants belongings, if not promptly addressed.

  • A serious issue affecting the whole property e.g. Loss of supply (Water, Gas, Electricity) from within the property which isn’t due to a local outage, failure of toilets where only one is available, loss of heating, loss of hot water (unless an electric shower is present), Severe leaks etc.

    Response Time: We'll aim to have someone with you within 24 hours *By this we mean the intial visit, please be aware that further visits may be required particuarly if the problem isn't straightforward - or if for instance a new part needs to be sourced and fitted etc.

2.   Priority Two – (Inconvenient Issues – Non Urgent):

A repair which is inconvenient and will affect the comfort or convenience of tenants, which while not immediately pressing should be dealt with promptly.

  • An issue affecting one or more areas of the property which is inconvenient e.g. a shower not working where alternative means of washing is present (i.e. a bath), Cooker or stove has broken down where alternative means of cooking i.e.microwave or hob is available, an en suite bathroom is not available for use where a communal bathroom is available and similar. Faulty appliances.
  • Reponse Time: We'll aim to have someone with you within 5 working days. *By this we mean the intial visit, please be aware that further visits may be required particuarly if the problem isn't straightforward - or if for instance a new part needs to be sourced and fitted etc.

3.   Priority Three – (Day to Day Repairs – Not Inconvenient or Urgent)

Non urgent day to day repairs.

  • An issue deemed as non-urgent but part of keeping the property in good repair e.g. a dripping tap, clearing gutters,replacing enclosed light bulbs (not accessible to tenents). Remedial works that tenants may not request, but that are necessary to ensure the property is well maintained i.e. resealing behind a sink, and so forth.
  • Response Time: We'll aim to have such issues dealt with within 28 days for you.