Providing Support

What Support Do Student Homes Offer?

Student Homes are a tenant focused service. We continually review our service and look for ways that we can improve the experience your son or daughter will have through us as a tenant.

The Student Homes Team are on hand between 9am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday to answer any queries that come in from tenants, or to deal with any problems that may arise in the properties we look after. The best number to reach us on is our team number: 020 7664 4836 or on our main email address: Arrangements have also been made so our tenants have support for any urgent issues that may arise outside of our office hours: all tenants are provided with these details in their Welcome Packs & in our Tenants Handbooks which we leave on the desk in each bedroom for new tenants before they arrive.

We have a Current Tenants section on our website where we've added a wealth of guides, advice, and information designed to assist our current tenants with the most frequent enquiries we receive or issues that our residents may encounter. There are Trouble Shooting Guides for straightforward issues that may arise so our tenants can solve these issues easily themselves, details about what documents our tenants need to register their exemption for council tax, and information outlining what support we can offer to our students - including if they'd like to swap rooms, look to leave their tenancy early, or if they want us to put them in touch with other organisations for advice or assistance.

See the Current Tenants section of our website here:

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A Dedicated Property Manager

The Student Homes team have dedicated property manager's who take the lead with the management of specific properties within the Student Homes portfolio i.e. each property has a dedicated property manager. Students will be made aware of their responsible property manager (in addition to other contacts) at the beginning of their tenancy. The property manager's role is to ensure that the day-to-day management of the property runs smoothly, and that the property remains in sound decorative condition, and that everything is in good working order throughout the tenancy.

By carrying out termly inspections the property manager's build a positive working relationship with their tenants which makes them a more approachable and friendly contact (we hope!) for the students. The inspections allow staff to assess legislative requirements - health and safety, fire safety, and the general maintenance of the property, but additionally and as the tenancies progress, the welfare needs and requirements of the students. Student Homes takes tenant welfare seriously and will refer students to appropriate services should a need be identified. Additionally, these visits ensure that the property is being well looked after and that students are living in a clean and hygienic property. Any concerns are reported back to the students and property owners/Student Homes contractors and are managed promptly and efficiently.

Utilising Feedback

We run an annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey to find out what our tenants think of us and to identify areas where there's room for us to improve our service. We don't just conduct the survey and then ignore the results - the feedback we receive through this survey actively informs the direction the Student Homes service takes and measures that we'll look to implement to address any aspects of our service that our tenants have deemed less than ideal.

See what our tenants have fed back: 

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Survey Winner

One of our property manager's Harriet with a former tenant who was the lucky winner of the tenant satisfaction survey prize draw. Leevi's now the proud owner of a pair of Beats By Dre Headphones... making for a more 'stylish' commute to University.

While our tenants live in Student Homes accommodation we encourage them to get in touch with us whenever they want or need to, to let us know what they feel about the service they're being offered. We invite our tenants to contact us about positive experiences they've had, as well any negative experiences they may have had. We want to keep doing what we're doing well - well, and make changes in areas that our tenants are unhappy with as part of our dedication to continually improve our tenants experience through Student Homes.