London Contemporary Dance School Student Homes

How to Apply

The Application Process:

If you've found or viewed a property that you'd like to live in let us know!

The application process is very simple and all completed online - meaning you don't need to make a trip into our office. There are 3 stages:

  1. Information Collection: Tell us where you'd like to live and we'll email you a form to complete.
  2. Payments: We'll send you details of how to make your deposit payment (refundable at the end of the tenancy and equivalent to one month's rent). You'll be asked to pay your deposit within 24 hours.
  3. Paperwork: The final stage - signing your tenancy agreement and privacy notice (examples below). Once you've made your deposit payment we'll email you your agreement to virtually sign online: you should sign this within 48 hours of receiving it.

Show me an Example Individual Tenancy Agreement

Show me an Example Joint Tenancy Agreement

Show me the Privacy Notice

Show me the Deposit Payment guide

Click below to watch our application video - a summary of the application process and keys points for you to consider and be aware of. 

Application Video


We ask all of our tenants to pay their first months rent in advance of moving in - ordinarily in August so we're all set for you moving in come September. If you sign for your room or property later on over the summer, you'll be asked to pay your first months rent when you make your deposit and application payments.

Please note: If you wish to cancel your application after you have completed the second stage we will refund your deposit to you less £50.00. If you wish to cancel your application once it is complete i.e. after you have completed all 3 stages of the application process a replacement student will need to be found to take over your tenancy. Once a suitable student has been found and has completed their application your deposit will be refunded to you less £50.00 and less any rent that may be due (if the tenancy has begun). 

This charge is applied to cover the time spent by staff on your application, and towards the re-marketing of the property/room. If you're unsure as to whether you'd like to apply for a property or not, our advice would be to take some time to think about your options. We'd prefer for you not to sign and regret your decision, than sign and then realise you can't very easily afford the rent etc.