Making Rent Payments


Student Homes Payment Guide

We accept payment during office hours over the phone on: 020 7862 5772. The finance team are available Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm. If you'd like to meet with a member of the finance team in person that's fine, please call them and they will arrange for you to visit their office in Senate House or in the Student Homes office.

Payment can also be made by bank transfer - please contact the Student Homes team so they can assist you if you do want to make a bank transfer. If you opt to pay in this way then please ensure that you remember to email a remittance to and reference the payment clearly with your surname and tenant reference number (Student Homes can provide you with this information if you can't find it).

You can also opt to make rent payments by using the University of London epay site.

I Want to Make an Online Payment

Available online Payment Options

If paying online a number of options are available to you;

  • A payment plan scheduled as per your invoice due dates. Automatic payment will be taken on the due date indicated on your invoice - to get monthly automated payments set up please call finance on 020 7862 5772.
  • The rent for the duration of your tenancy paid in full. If fees are paid in full, using the online payment system, before your tenancy commences we're able to offer you a 2% discount. The finance team process and refund 2% of your total rent in October/November each year as a rule.
  • A payment plan scheduled to take 7 equal automatic payments, or termly automated payments.
  • Miscellaneous payment amount – this option does not set up an automatic payment plan and can be used to make part payments or to settle the amount due.