Life in London

Getting Around

Getting Around

 Find your way to University...

 Explore neighbouring areas...

 Visit friends....

 Don your tourist hat and see the sights...

 Get to know your student City!

London is an amazing place to live, with a great transport system to enable you to get around for your day to day responsibilities, and also when you have some free time to explore what the Capital has to offer and areas outside your usual domain.

The following websites will help you plan routes to University and to work out how to get from A to B when you need some help:

Transport for London
City Mapper

You can download an App for TFL and City Mapper on your Iphone or Android Phone for when you're out and about and need to get home!

To find out about fares, travel cards, Oyster Cards, methods of payments, and much more about the London Transport System see the following page on the TFL website:

TFL Online


Life in the Capital is great where there's permanently something going on, and things to do and see a plenty right on your doorstep. Making the most of life in London can be expensive though, which is where a job may come in handy...

Thankfully, in an effort to help students find employment, the University of London Careers Group have created a Student Temp Agency. See the following document to find out about this service:

Student Temp Agency

or take a look over the:

Temp Agency's website

What's On?

There's always something going on in London and lots of ways to keep on top of upcoming events, new attractions, great places to eat, and offers in general. This includes things to do for free when your student loan feels like a distant memory, and your bank balance is running low. Remember to pick up a free Time Out magazine, London Standard, or copy of the Metro when you next get the bus/tube to keep up to speed with what's going on and local news (hey, it's also a way to occupy your time while you travel to and from Uni). The following websites are worth checking out too:

Time Out

Visit London.Com

What's On in London?