Frequently Asked Questions

 What are the advantages of renting through University of London Student Homes?

All of the properties within the Student Homes scheme are managed by the University meaning you are a tenant of the University as opposed to a private landlord or owner. Although Student Homes lease the properties that we offer from private property owners, we deal with you from the point of your application, throughout your tenancy, and right up until you move out of your accommodation. The following precautions and arrangements have also been put in place to afford you peace of mind:

  • All properties are professionally surveyed, prior to Student Homes offering them to students, to ensure that they are safe and meet the standards they need to.
  • Arrangements are made to ensure tenants are supported outside of the Student Homes' teams office hours. See the current tenants section of the website and out of hours page to find out more.
  • Your college acts as your guarantor, which means if you don’t have a UK based guarantor you will not need to pay 6 months or more rent in advance, something which is commonplace when renting through private letting agents in London. If you don't opt for a room in a dedicated college property you'll need a personal guarantor, but they don't need to be UK based. 
  • All Student Homes properties are professionally cleaned before new tenancies begin - meaning you have peace of mind in knowing that you'll be moving into a clean property.
  • Student Homes provide contents insurance for tenants while they live in a Student Homes property: this is in place through Endsleigh.


Frequently Asked Questions


 How are Student Homes different from living in a Halls of Residence?

You are renting a room or property of your own just like you would with a private landlord. That means you get to choose from a range of properties in areas where you want to live.

Whether that's a property with a garden, a balcony view, close to your university, or futher away with good transport links, the choice is yours.

You also get the option of sharing a property with just your friends, so you can have a home for yourselves.

The main difference to consider, from Halls of Residences, is that there are no onsite teams like you would have in a Hall of Residence. Our service is to assist you living in the private rented sector with the University of London as your landlord.

For repairs this means some minor things (e.g. light bulbs, squeaky hinge, blocked sink) you'll be expected to take care of, but you can always contact our team for support on what to do.

For more serious issues we'll be on hand to address these directly, including an out of hours service for when our office is closed (take a look at how we work with repairs here).

We also can point you in the direction of welfare support, whether for yourself, or if you have concerns about a housemate. We can put you in touch with your college welfare services.

Living with Student Homes is great if your looking to rent for the first time or don't want to live in a large Hall of Residence.


 Are there any other differences from living in a Halls of Residence?

You'll need to set up billing for your utilities and internet at the property. We assist tenants to do this each year and have some infromation in the moving-in section of our website here.

The main thing to consider is to budget some money each month for bills.


 Do I need a guarantor?
No! If you live in one of our college partner properties your college will act as your guarantor. *The exclusion to this rule are our Student Homes for all UOL students - if you apply for one of our Student Homes rooms, and your college don't operate a guarantor scheme you will need a personal guarantor: they do not need to be UK based. See below for more details.

 Can I live in a University of London property?

Our none college specific Student Homes properties are available to all post graduate and returning full-time students who belong to a University of London college, or a college that already subscribes to the Student Homes service. If your college is on the list below you can live in a property listed on the Student Homes section of the website.

  • Birkbeck
  • Central School of Speech and Drama (CSSD)
  • City University
  • Courtald Institute of Art
  • Goldsmith's
  • Heythrop College
  • King's College
  • London Business School
  • London Contemporary Dance School
  • LSE
  • Ravensbourne
  • Royal Academy of Music
  • Royal Holloway
  • The Royal Veterinary College
  • The School of Advanced Study
  • SOAS
  • St George's University London
  • UCL

If your college isn't on this list you are not eligible to live in a Student Homes property.

 How long will the contract be? Can I just sign for 9 months?
Our contracts are ordinarily for 51 weeks and you would be expected to commit for the full 51 weeks. Our advice would be not to sign for a room or property with us if you don't want a 51 week tenancy. When you sign a tenancy agreement you're committing to the full term of the tenancy which includes paying rent for your chosen room or property until your tenancy ends; this is regardless of whether you're still occupying your room or property or not.


 Can I end my contract early?
As above if you don't want a contract for 51 wees we advise that you do not sign up with Student Homes. We offer fixed term tenancies only, there is no break clause or notice period to bring this tenancy to an end early.

You are responsible for rent payments and the terms of teh contract up to the end date stated.

If you want to leave your room earlier you can attemp to assign your tenancy. This is where you find another student tenant to take ove ryour agreement. The terms of this, is on our website here.


 How much does an average room cost?
We have rooms that cost between £125.00 to £255.00 a week depending on location and size, meaning we have a good variety of accommodation to suit all budgets.
The University of London Housing Services team have kindly created a rent converter you can use to work out how much your monthly rent will be:

How Much Will My Rent Be Each Month?

We calculate your rent in the following way: weekly rent x 52 (weeks per year) / 12 (months per year) = average monthly rent. We calculate your rent in this way because of the varying number of days in each month - 30 in some, 31 in others, 28/29 in February - which is why we can't simply multiply the weekly rent x 4 (the number of weeks in each month generally).

 What kind of contract do I have to sign?
Students who sign for Student Homes properties, or rooms within Student Homes properties, sign one of the following agreements. If you're taking a property as a group you'll sign a joint tenancy agreement, if you're taking an individual room within a larger property you'll sign an individual tenancy agreement. You'll be sent a copy of your tenancy agreement before you're asked to make your deposit and application payments. This is so you can review the agreement and ask any questions you may have before you make any payment to us. Below you can view our standard joint and individual tenancy agreements:

Show Me an Example Joint Tenancy Agreement

Show Me an Example Individual Tenancy Agreement

 How far will the property be from my University?
Our properties are generally within a 30 minute, or less, commute of your campus - take a look at the individual property advertisements for further details. The majority of our properties are located within zones 1 and 2, we have a few flats and houses in zone 3 too. You can double check what your commute time to campus may be by using the TFL or Citymapper websites.

We work out the commute times detailed on our property advertisements based on you reaching your campus for 9am on a weekday. All commute times are correct at the time of us advertising, we use Citymapper to calculate the commute times and options.

 Are bills included in the rent?
Ordinarily you will be expected to set up accounts for all utility bills (gas, electricity, water, phone & WIFI). However, in a number of our properties some or all of the bills may be included within the rental price. In this instance, it will be made clear to you before you view the property and on the property advertisement. If you do need to set up your own utility accounts when you move in we will ensure you have all the information and support you need to be able to do this.

 I'm a part-time student, can I be housed by Student Homes?
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer accommodation to part-time students: this is due to our Student Code membership, and also due to how a part-time student living in a shared property would affect the council tax due. There are other options available for you, please contact your college accommodation office or see the accommodation options on our private housing website.

 I'm a first year student, can I be housed by Student Homes?
Unfortunately, we are not able to offer accommodation to first year students at this time.

 Can I secure a room with a conditional offer from my University/College?
We’ll need to see documentation to show that you have an unconditional offer confirming that you do have a place at the University of your choice. If you have a conditional offer we wouldn’t be able to proceed with your application for accommodation until we had documents or proof to show that you’ve satisfied the conditions of the offer.

 Can I rent a room before I arrive in London?
We have sourced a number of properties that lend themselves well to overseas or distance booking. This is because the properties are in a particularly good location for your university campus, have utilities included, or because they lend themselves well to individuals renting them. This could be because they are smaller in size such as a 3 or 4 bedroom properties, or because they have lockable bedroom doors, bills included, ample bathrooms etc.

Our distance application policy: If you’d like to make a distance application we will need to know which property and which room you would like to apply for. If a viewing has already been scheduled for that property, we will not take distance applications until the viewing has gone ahead. We have to have a policy when it comes to processing applications - we feel this is the fairest way we can offer rooms on a first come first serve basis.

Please contact us if you are an overseas student, or are not located in London, and are looking for accommodation (without viewing) so we can point you in the right direction:

 When will I be able to view the Properties?
We begin property viewings in May following the annual University of London housing fair - this year the housing fair will be on Friday 4th May between 11am - 3pm in Senate House (Malet Street, WC1E 7HY). We conduct viewings over the summer months and into September (so long as we still have vacancies). Details about the Housing Fair will be available on the ULHS website in due course.

 What fees will be due?
When moving into a property a deposit needs to be paid upfront - your deposit is refundable at the end of your tenancy: we ask tenants to pay a deposit equivalent to an average months rent. Your first months rent is due before your tenancy begins -  e.g. we'll ask students to pay their rent in August if their tenancy begins in September. Once you've moved in and your tenancy has begun rent will then be due on the 1st day of each subsequent month unless you opt to pay termly.

Student Homes don't charge any sign up fees, you should note that a £50.00 charge will be applied for any student who applies for a room/property and asks to cancel their application after the second stage. If you wish to cancel your application once it is complete i.e. after you have completed all 3 stages of the application process a replacement student will need to be found to take over your tenancy. Once a suitable student has been found and has completed their application your deposit will be refunded to you less £50.00 and less any rent that may be due (if the tenancy has begun). This charge is applied to cover the time spent by staff on your application, and towards the re-marketing of the property/room. If you're unsure as to whether you'd like to apply for a property or not, our advice would be to take some time to think about your options. We'd prefer for you not to sign and regret your decision, than sign and then realise you can't very easily afford the rent etc.

 Where will my deposit be protected? 

As part of the University of London, Student Homes aren't required to protect student's deposits in a deposit protection scheme. We hold your deposits until the end of your tenancy and after we've checked that everything is as it should be in your property arrange for it to be returned to you. There is information on the Deposit Protection Service website that you can read over to confirm that we are exempt from the requirement to protect tenants deposits:

 Can I smoke in the property or in my bedroom?
All of our properties are non-smoking and our tenancy agreements reflect this. We don't discriminate against smokers at all (we're happy to house you) - if you do smoke though you should be aware that you will not be permitted to smoke within the property at all, but will need to go outside if you wish to smoke while at home. If you're looking for a property or room where you can smoke indoors you'll need to look elsewhere.

 Are the rooms furnished?
All properties come fully furnished - furniture which is included in our properties is detailed below (please note, that there is some variance from property to property inevitably):

Bed and mattress: (we can confirm if the bed is a single, three quarter, or a double bed - just ask us), mattress protector, desk, chair, desk lamp, wastepaper bin, bookshelves, notice-board, wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside table, curtains/blinds.

Bath, shower attachment (if no separate shower), shower rail/curtain, towel rail, mirrored cabinet, toilet, toilet roll holder, toilet brush, bin.

Cooker, microwave, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, cleaning accessories, table and chairs (if not a galley kitchen).

 Living Room:
Sofa, coffee table, floor lamp, curtains.

Please note: When looking at the photographs included on our marketing materials please bear in mind that the photographs are for illustrative purposes and the furniture that will be in the room may vary from the photographs. Some properties are photographed while tenants are occupying it - some of our tenants may introduce their own furniture - in other instances some items may have been replaced. If you have questions about a specific property or bedroom, and what is provided please get in touch with the team so we can look to assist you.

 I want a room! How do I apply?

If you've found or viewed a property that you'd like to live in let us know! The application process is very simple and all completed online - meaning you don't need to make a trip into our office. There are 3 stages:

  1. Information Collection: Tell us where you'd like to live and we'll email you a form to complete.
  2. Payments: We'll send you details of how to make your deposit payment (refundable at the end of the tenancy and equivalent to one month's rent) and application.
  3. Paperwork: The final stage - signing your tenancy agreement and privacy notice. Once you've made your payment we'll email you your agreement to virtually sign online: you should sign this within 48 hours of receiving it.

Click below to watch our application video - a summary of the application process and keys points for you to consider and be aware of. 

Application Video


 Once I’ve moved in who do I call if I have a problem with the flat?
If you should have any problems during your tenancy the Student Homes team should be your first point of contact. If you report a maintenance issue we will liaise with the property owner and ensure the problem is dealt with swiftly for you. We will remain in touch with you so you know when to expect visits for repairs and so you know who will be visiting to undertake these.

See the Current Tenants section of our website for more information about how we work, what support we can offer you, and how you can get in touch with us, plus plenty more.

Alternatively you can reach us by:

Phoning: 020 7664 4836
Visiting the office: University Student Homes, 4th Floor - Housing Services, Student Central, 2 Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY.