The End of Your Tenancy (Moving Out)

The Process

When your tenancy is coming to an end (although there is no legal requirement for us to do so), we will send you a Notice of Termination, along with some information and a Moving Out Guide, through the post. This is the first stage of the Student Homes' procedure that brings your tenancy to a close.

If you will be staying in your property for a further year the Notice to Terminate formally moves you from your current agreement to the new one.

*Please note: if you are staying on for a further year, you will need to complete the re-application process and new paperwork with us. If you want to stay in your property, but haven’t let Student Homes know, please contact us as soon as possible on: or by calling Tel: 020 7664 4836 so we can get the necessary paperwork in place.

Select the link below to read more information about leaving your property:

The Moving Out Guide

The guide includes information about:

  • Cleaning & What is Expected
  • Returning your Keys
  • Finalising your Bills
  • Forwarding your Post

Deposit Returns

Deposits will be returned within 28 days of your tenancy ending to the bank account which you provided the finance team with details for. Delays may be experienced should damages have to be addressed at your property. Should you need to contact the deposit return team you can reach them by:

Tel: 020 7862 5772

Deposit Deductions

In the event that any damage is found at your property we will notify you of this and provide you with details as to how it will be addressed. Likewise, if any properties are found to be in an unacceptable condition in terms of cleanliness we will contact you to make you aware of our findings. Issues such as these that come to light during our end of tenancy inspections will be addressed via deposit deductions - you will be informed of any deductions we intend to make from your deposit, should we have need to make deductions.

Help us Help You...

We'd prefer that you leave your property well and that no deposit deductions have to be made. Quite honestly it creates extra work for us (at what is already a very busy time), and it also puts a bit of a dampener on what we hope will have been an otherwise enjoyable tenancy for you.

The most common deposit deductions we have to make - and therefore the things you should make sure you pay attention to are as follows:

  • A poor cleaning effort generally.
  • The oven having not been cleaned - this includes the oven door.
  • Freezers not having been defrosted.
  • Belongings being left behind (food, furniture, clothes, rubbish, toiletries - if it wasn't there at the beginning it shouldn't be there at the end).
  • Stained mattresses.
  • Stained toilet bowls.
  • Us needing to replace light bulbs that aren't working (this is your responsibility).
  • Carpet burns.
  • Keys not being returned. *If you don't return your keys there are security implications we have to consider. In order to ensure the property is secure for future tenants, if you fail to return your keys we will need to have the locks replaced and new keys cut. You will be charged for the total cost of this.  ____________________________________________________________________

Leaving Early?

If you're planning on moving out of your property before your tenancy officially finishes, please give us a call or send us an email to make us aware. You will still be liable for your rent until your tenancy officially ends, but if all students do leave the property early (and return their keys), we'll look to carry out our end of tenancy inspection early so we can get your deposits back to you more quickly.

Tel: 020 7664 4836



Thanks for choosing a Student Homes property - we hope you've enjoyed being one of our tenants - best wishes for whatever you move onto or wherever you move into next.


The End!