Appliance Guides

Appliance Manuals

If you're struggling with an appliance in your property or unsure about how you set the heating on your boiler, via the timer or the thermostat, see the guides below for assistance. To work out which guide applies to your boiler, or appliance, look at the appliance and make a note of the make and model i.e. Worcester GreenStar 123 etc. If a fault arises with your boiler it's particuarly useful to have a look at the manual - often resetting the boiler solves the problem, if not identifying the problem at hand helps us to quickly address the issue with the boiler.

We've tried to include manuals for as many appliances as feature in our properties as we can - if yours appears to be missing please call or email us to let us know:
Tel: 020 7664 4836

There are also trouble shooting guides on our website which enable you to address simple problems yourself. You can access these guides using the button below:

Take Me to the Trouble Shooting Guides

Boiler Manuals:
Once you've established your boiler make and model simply select it from the list below to access the manual.

Heating Timer Guides:
If you have a separate timer in your property to set the heating with check the make and model as displayed on the timer and select the manual from the list below.