University of London Housing Services

Private Housing Unit

The University of London Housing Services has a Private Housing Unit which is funded by the Colleges of the federal University to provide a range of services to their students who are considering living, or live, in private rented housing.

These include:

  • A Landlord registration scheme and database of accommodation offers (note, we do not inspect properties).
  •  An Accommodation Agency registration scheme.
  • Housing presentations to large groups of students throughout the year.
  • Contract checking. Before you sign a contract you can bring it in to our offices and we can advise you about what you are signing and what the potential pitfalls are. The contract check list that we have prepared can also assist. We also have our own suggested contracts that have been drawn up in conjunction with our solicitors. 
  • Housing advice for those experiencing problems. Legal advice from our own solicitors when problems become serious or complicated.
  • A programme of Landlord and Agency training. 
  • A programme of training to staff working in the area of student housing. 
  • Occasional events for students aimed at promoting awareness of good practice and safety issues in rented housing.

Reservations Team

For 2014/15 the University of London will have five Intercollegiate Halls of Residence and a number of flats available in both Finchley in North London and Gower st in Central London. 

All accommodation is only available to full time students at Colleges of the University of London. All our managed accommodation subscribes and conforms to the Universities UK Code of Practice for University Managed Student Accommodation. Further details available here.