Emergency Repairs (Out of Hours Service)

What are Emergency Repairs?

Emergency repairs are repairs that are required to avoid a danger to health, a risk to safety, or serious damage to buildings, and which need immediate attention. Emergency scenarios would include incidents such as:

  • A gas or carbon monoxide leak
  • A fire
  • A flood affecting the inside of the property (a burst pipe for instance)
  • A property in need of securing following a burglary or broken window
  • A total boiler break down (during winter)

During office hours, you should report emergency repairs immediately to the Student Homes in person, or by phone 020 7664 4836 (Monday – Friday 10am – 5.00pm, Tuesday 11am - 5pm). Please do not email through emergency issues.

Outside of office hours, emergency issues should be called through to the Out of Hours security team on:

Tel: 020 7307 4000
If you cannot reach the Out of Hours team using this number, please call: 07973 665 625

You need to state that you are a University Student Homes tenant, provide your full address, contact number and details of the problem that you are experiencing. If the issue requires immediate attention the member of staff you speak to will arrange for a contractor to visit for you. 

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Inconvenient, but Non-Emergency Issues

  • Loss of hot water or central heating (when it isn't winter)
  • Your fridge/freezer breaking down over a weekend.
  • One of a number of showers, or toilets not working the in the property: please use others until staff can help when the office re-opens. 

Out of Hours Assistance

Should an urgent issue arise when the office is closed, please follow the information guides along the top tab menu for action you can take NOW. Ensure you let Student Homes know about the problem that has occurred as soon as the office re-opens.


While other issues may arise outside of our office hours that are inconvenient, and may feel like an emergency at the time i.e. your fridge/freezer stops working, or a problem has arisen with your oven, these are not problems that we deem to be an emergency. Please see the information under the Current Tenants tab on our website for further guidance and email us so we can help you once we're back in the office.

We have arranged for this Out of Hours service to be in place for emergency use only, Student Homes reserve the right to pass costs that are incurred onto tenants if the service is misused.