Lost Keys

Lost Keys

If you lose your keys - in the first instance please contact us: 020 7664 4836 so we can arrange for you to visit the office and borrow another set. Please note, if you cannot find your original set you will be charged for the new set that you are issued. 

If you lose your keys when our office is closed please consider the options below:

  • Can you get in and out of the house until our office re-opens through one of your housemates?
  • Can you borrow your housemates keys to get copies cut for yourself?
  • If you can't get into your flat/house, can you stay with a friend overnight?

In the event that you can't do any of the above, we have arranged for you to be able to borrow keys outside of our office hours from College Hall:

College Hall
Malet Street,
London, WC1E 7HZ.

Tel: 020 7307 4000

College Hall is over the road from Student Central. If you stand with your back to Student Central look across the road to the left - you'll see College Hall. The reception is open 24 hours, please call ahead of your visit so the receptionist can prepare your keys for you. You'll need to bring photo ID with you when you visit. You will need to visit College Hall to borrow a set of keys, at this point in time we're unable to bring them to you at your property.

Failed Locks

If the issue you've encountered isn't that you've lost your keys, but that one of your locks has failed, or a key has snapped in a lock meaning you can no longer get into the property - please use the following details to seek assistance: 

Out of Hours Cover:

  • Bernard House Tenants - Cover Details
  • All Other Tenants - Tel: 020 7307 4000
    If you cannot reach the Out of Hours team using this number, please call: 07973 665 625