Parents Guide

Student Homes, A Brief Introduction

Having your son or daughter leave the family home has the potential to be an emotional and stressful time for everyone involved: equally it can be very positive - a new adventure starting for your child, a new city for you to visit and get to know over a couple of weekends (London's particuarly great in this respect), and so on. Although a great step for your son or daughter and arguably an exciting experience for them, at times there may some be nerves and anxieties. These may be regarding the financial implications of leaving home to study, along with more general feelings of uncertainty for both you and them.

This all begs the question as to how involved a parent should be? This section of our website endeavours to address any concerns that you may have and to answer this question of involvement, as well as to provide you with a better insight into who Student Homes are and how we work.

Moving In

Student Homes aim to offer a ‘home away from home’ for the students who live in our accommodation. The Student Homes service was devised and began operating out of the University of London's Housing Services Department as a means of offering students in London accommodation in traditional shared student houses and flats, but with the added peace of mind of the University being their landlord and their College acting as their guarantor. This was in response to comments made in a large housing survey the University carried out with students in London. The service was conceived and set up with student's welfare in mind essentially.

We understand that for a large proportion of our tenants their move to University is also a move away from home and into the world of rented accommodation which they may have little or no experience of. We also house a large number of international students for whom renting in London may be markedly different from renting back at home. We recognise that our tenants may require varying levels of support and hope that through the unified approach to accommodation that we offer with their College, along with the time and effort we put into providing additional support and advice to our tenants, this can afford both you and your son or daughter a sense of reassurance.

Why choose Student Homes?

Student Homes is run out of the University of London's Housing Services department with one clear aim - to provide, and manage, good quality homes in the private rented sector for full time students. Conforming to the Student Accommodation Code (UUK Code) for University Managed Student Accommodation our commitment to ensuring that good standards are met and are achieved universally across all of our properties is clear. For further information regarding the Student Accommodation Code please click here.

Students that study at a College which has subscribed to the Student Homes scheme do not require a guarantor as their respective College takes on this role for them. This is a responsibility that typically falls to student's parents to fulfill in other accommodation, or for international students without a UK guarantor this could mean paying a large lump sum of rent upfront instead - sometimes up to 6 months of rent.

More generally: The University of London is an exempt charity in England and Wales: any profits that are made are reinvested back into the student services that the University offers - another way in which our commitment to offering and providing a quality service to your son or daughter can be exemplified.