At Student Homes we're always interested in hearing feedback - whether good or bad - from our tenants and property owners, along with the other parties whom we work alongside.

We aim to be responsive to the needs of our service users and welcome feedback in order that we can continue to improve the service that we offer. While we may not always be able to implement immediate change with regards to any issues you'd like to draw to our attention, we will always be able to provide you with an explanation and information as to why we operate as we do. We'll aim to respond promptly and helpfully to any matters that you might like to contact us regarding.


We recognise from time to time that things may go wrong - please contact us should this be your experience so we can address any issues that you've encountered and respond to any concerns you may like to raise.

You can view further details about our complaints procedure below.

Why do we have a complaints and appeals procedure?
We aim to provide you with a good quality service, but even in the best run organisations unfortunately things can go sometimes go wrong. When they do we want to know. This policy outlines how you can get in touch with us when you have a complaint to make and who you should contact when making your complaint.

Who can complain?
The complaints procedure is open to everyone who receives a service from University Student Homes.

What can you complain about?
You cannot complain to us about our rules or procedures, but you may complain if you feel we have applied them unfairly to your case. You can complain should you feel that our service has been lacking or unsatisfactory.

What should you do first?
If you are unhappy with an aspect of our service you should first talk to the member of staff who would usually deal with the matter. The details below indicate whom you should contact first if you have a problem.

Who to Contact First:

In the first instance you should address your complaint to your allocated property manager. You need to make your complaint in writing (email is fine):

Harriet Holder

Justin Inniss

Eliza Banasiak

What if I remain unhappy?
If you are unhappy with the property manager's response you can then make a complaint using the formal procedure which is set out below. You will need to make your complaint in writing (email is fine), and follow the escalation process: if you miss a stage you will be referred back to the member of staff who you should have contacted in the first instance. 

Formal Complaints Process

Email or write to your Student Homes Property Manager if you haven’t already. Contact details as above.

If you are not satisfied with your Property Manager’s response you should escalate your complaint by emailing or writing to the Student Homes Development Manager, William Walker.
If you are not satisfied with William Walker’s response you should then email or write to the Head of Housing Services Joanne Cluskey.

The procedure detailed above completes the University's consideration of a student's complaint within Student Homes accommodation. Attention is however drawn to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIAHE). The OIAHE provides an independent scheme for the review of student complaints about a final decision of a University's disciplinary or complaints appeal body.

Full details of the OIAHE and how to make a complaint are available from the Academic Registrar of the University or on the website of the OIAHE
The postal address is:

Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education
Second Floor, Abbey Gate, 57-75 Kings Gate, Reading, RG1 3AB.
Telephone 0118 959 9813.


We hope you find this information helpful.