2017/18 Tenancy Information

Rent Payment Dates:

We arrange for you to receive your rent for the month, in advance of the month beginning. As a rule your rent is paid by the final Friday of each month, please see the table below for details of when your rent payments are scheduled to be made throughout the 2017/18 tenancies.

Rent Payment Payment For Month of? Payment to be Received by?
1). September 2017 Friday 26th August 2017
2). October 2017 Friday 29th September 2017
3). November 2017 Friday 27th October 2017
4). December 2017 Friday 24th November 2017
5). January 2018 Friday 22nd December 2017
6). February 2018 Friday 26th January 2018
7). March 2018 Friday 23rd February 2018
8). April 2018 Friday 23rd March 2018
9). May 2018 Friday 27th April 2018
10). June 2018 Friday 25th May 2018
11). July 2018 Friday 29th June 2018
12). August 2018 Friday 27th July 2018
13). * September 2018 * Friday 24th August 2018

*A rent payment will only be made to you in September 2017 if rent is due for any part of this month. If the tenancy at your property ends before September 2018, no payment will be made to you on the 24th of August 2018.

If you have any queries about your rent payments you should contact the University of London finance team in the first instance.

Email: ophelia.clottey@careers.lon.ac.uk  
Tel: 020 7863 6077

Revised Out of Hours Support:

We've been working to improve the out of hours support that is offered to tenants, and to improve how this works you owners too.

In the event that our student sub tenants lose or misplace their keys outside of our office hours keys are available for them to borrow. These are stored securely in a University of London Hall of Residence over the road from our office, the reception at this hall is open 24 hours a day 357 days a year. We hope this will prevent problems occuring outside of our office hours - we want to avoid locksmiths being called, and locks being damaged by tenants who need to get into their property.

We have had an additional set of keys cut for your property, at our expense, to be held for use out of hours. We'll be in touch with a number of you to obtain additional security keys/fobs - we will cover the cost of these, but will need your assistance with acquiring these items.

Urgent Remedial Issues:
Our student sub tenants have details so they can contact the out of hours team should any urgent problems arise in the property they live in. Any issues that are reported outside of our office hours will be vetted - we have agreed what issues should be responded to out of hours, and how other issues are to be fed back to us, so we can respond when we return to the office. There is no upfront cost for the service we have arranged, you will just pay for out of hours visits as and when they are made.

Out of Hours Visit Guide